Writing Groups

Greenacre Writers Writing Groups

Finish That Novel2
FTN 2 meets the third Monday of every month
This group is for writers aiming for publication and working on a novel, memoir or autobiography. Annual membership which includes reduced rate workshops.

Advanced Writing Practice
Writers meet as and when on an informal basis. 

1-1's and constructive critical feedback available. £20 per session.

Writers Meet-up
Meets first Saturday of the month in Finchley. Write for 40mins, have tea, write for 40 mins. £5 per session includes tea/biscuit Email greenacrewriters@gmail.com for the address. 

The format for FTN2 involves selected members’ work sent to fellow members for critiquing and feedback at the following meeting. We do not carry out writing exercises at these meetings. If you are interested in joining FTN2 or Advanced Writing Practice, send in a sample of your writing–up to 1,000 words to: greenacrewriters@gmail.com 

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