Monday, 10 May 2010

Our First Birthday!

Finish That Novel is now over a year old with the original 4 members joined by another 5. Two members have left owing to other committments. One member has completed her novel and is now at the point of looking for an agent. The rest of us are at various stages of our work, from writing early chapters to re-working and editing the completed novel.

The group meetings provide members with a huge incentive to get on and 'finish that novel' as well as giving useful feedback and support. The bonus is we all get to read some great novels! We cover different genres from light-hearted comedy to drama.

For me, the whole experience has been invaluable, not only in shaping my writing and critiqing skills, but in giving me the motivation to carry on writing. As many writers will tell you, it can be a solitary business that non-writers often don't appreciate. If you tell someone you are a writer they usually respond with: 'What have you had published?' If in your early days your response is: 'Nothing' they don't consider you as a writer. But let's face it, all writers were once unpublished!

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