Monday, 19 May 2014

Bettina the Abseiler

Greenacre Guest Blog by Bettina von Cossel

I’d like to thank all those who generously sponsored my abseiling in aid of the Finchley Literary Festival. I’m really pleased about the outcome. All in all I raised £340. 

Liz Goes, a fellow Greenacre writer, had promised good-looking hunks on top of the tower to strap me on securely, and she didn't promise too much. Hercules and Brad Pitt roped and hooked me up with the utmost care; my husband couldn't have done it any better. Still, I found the event extremely stressful because I’m scared of heights, and the moment when I had to climb over the edge of that tower and let go, was one of the worst in my life. I was so terrified I felt sick.

I can’t even tell you how relieved I was when I arrived back on firm ground. The security men from the Harlow Tye Rotary Club, who'd organised the event, helped me out of the abseiling gear, all looking at my bottom, strangely enough. It turned out that my husband had involved them into a vivid discussion whether my bum looked big from below. Of all the topics in the world… A man’s soul will always stay a mystery to me.

Thanks again so much for supporting me, and enjoy the Finchley Literary Festival.

Bettina von Cossel will be giving the following talk at The Finchley Literary Festival:
Crime Writing - How to Kill your Darlings?
Tuesday 27th May, 3pm
Church End Library, N3 1TR 
Free of charge. 

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