Monday, 18 May 2015

Tripwire and Mike Carey by Joel Meadows

"Tripwire’s association with Mike Carey goes back to 2003 when he was writing Hellblazer, the series featuring John Constantine, supernatural go-
between for DC Comics’ adult imprint Vertigo, which was turned into the TV series Constantine this year. We first interviewed Mike in 2003 but we have also chatted to him while he was writing his book series Felix Castor, The Unwritten and Lucifer. We even got Mike along to celebrate Tripwire’s 21st anniversary at an event that took place in Foyles in May 2013 and editor-in-chief Joel Meadows shared a stage with him at one of the Big Green Bookshop’s bookswap events in April of 2014. Tripwire has existed as a magazine since 1992, covering comics, film, TV and related media with a particular focus on British creators. We have watched Mike Carey grow from a raw talent to the accomplished writer he is today. We have always tried to support and promote his work in Tripwire, which is now a website with the same remit as the magazine: covering comics, film and related media with a focus on a more intelligent and irreverent approach to the material."

TRIPWIRE MAGAZINE is the magazine of genre culture, examining comics, film, music and so much more. It was created by Joel Meadows, as an incidental fanzine and evolved into an comprehensive window into the things people love and consume.

TRIPWIRE published over fifty issues of the magazine that covered comics, film, TV, novels and related media. Tripwire interviewed everyone from Stan Lee to Mike Mignola, Alan Moore to Joss Whedon. In 2013 they decided to wrap up the physical publishing programme and switch to online/ digital.

Joel will be attending the Mike Carey The Girl with all the Gifts event as FLF photographer/journalist.

Mike Carey has worked extensively in the field of comic books, completing long and critically acclaimed runs on Lucifer, Hellblazer and X-Men. His ongoing comic book series for DC Vertigo, The Unwritten, has featured repeatedly in the New York Times’ graphic novel bestseller list. His superhero series Suicide Risk, published by BOOM! Studios, has been nominated for two Harvey awards. He is also the writer of the Felix Castor novels, and (along with his wife Linda and their daughter Louise) of two fantasy novels, The City Of Silk and Steel and The House Of War and Witness, published in the UK by Victor Gollancz. He writes mainstream thrillers as Adam Blake, and as M.R.Carey is the author of the bestselling novel The Girl With All the Gifts.

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