Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Focus on Members: Linda Louisa Dell

Linda Louisa Dell has had several magazine articles printed in The Lady and Prediction.

Her first book, Can’t Sleep Won’t Sleep (reasons and remedies for insomnia) was published in 2005. Dreamtime (A History, Mythology, Physiology and Guide to the Interpretation of Dreams) was published in 2008. Aphrodisiacs, Aphrodite’s Secrets, was published in 2009 and Mystic Moon, (a history of the world’s mythology surrounding the moon) is due to be published in 2010. All were published by Capall Bann.

She published her first novel: Yes, and Pigs Might Fly in 2010 with AuthorHouse (078-1-4490-9158-3) £10.50.

She is now working on second novel called: Sundowners, African Nights, a love story set in London and in South Africa.

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