Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Greenacre Writers Short Story Competition Longlist

Twenty stories from our competition have been long-listed. They are presented in no particular order.

Pride and Joy - Sal Page
Ejecting Foreign Objects - Joanna Campbell
Up or Down? - Dorothy Cox
God the Homeless - Simon Farnham
Picture - Erik Lofroth
Jail Birds - Alice Parrant
The Stars are Screaming - Scott James
An Accident Waiting to Happen - Marie Campbell
Are We There Yet? - Anne Oatley
Birds, Booze and Bikers - Jo Derrick
The Art of Being Late - Julie Swan
A Perfect World - Veronica Bright
Six Bits of Wood - Pam Eaves
The Phantom Cavalier - Wanda Sellar
Up to the Ankles - Amy Flinders
The Art of Infinite Patience - Joanna Campbell
Green Fingers - Deborah Birch
Watermark - Barbara Leahy
The Deaths of Zlatka Vlachova - Sue Healy
The Veteran - Elliot Mayhew

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