Saturday 7 September 2013

Our short story competition has closed.

Our short story competition has now closed.

Thank you to all entrants. We look forward to a feast of reading and will post the long and shortlists as soon as they are decided. 

Comments from readers of our previous anthologies: 

Vol 2
'My favourites were 'Chocolate in Summer' by Lindsay Bamfield (I know Margot so well!) and 'Trophies' by June Armstrong-Wright which had a very clever twist-in-the-tail.'  (R.F)

'Fallen Women' by Rosie Canning was very moving. The writer's brilliant flashes of detail brought the setting to life. (L.B.)

I can only praise this anthology - a great mix of stories and the layout and price were both excellent. (R.F)

I would have chosen Simon Farnham's story 'God the Homeless' [as the winner]. It was novel, original and not dominated by stereotypes and the mundane. (R.N)

The Greenacre Writers Anthology 2 is beautifully produced, and with an eclectic mix of stories, there is something for everyone. I liked the section of biographies, because it is interesting to find out a little bit about the people behind the stories. My personal favourites in the anthology were Chocolate in Summer, Fallen Women, The Veteran and Trophies. I liked God the Homeless too. I found it challenged me to think and it was “different” in an interesting way. Quite often in competitions a winner will be one with a very good plot, something few other people have thought of. (V.B)

Vol 1
'This small anthology was packed with such a variety of stories. I dip in and out of it quite often and just today re-read Andrew Blackman's 'Moving Forward,' having recently read one of his novels, A Virtual Love.' (K.L)

I was given this anthology for Christmas. Having read several anthologies, I'll be honest I wasn't expecting too much, but what a wonderful surprise! I loved it. Natasha Mirzoian's 'Coffee With a Friend' was very special for me. (J.S)

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