Tuesday 14 June 2016

Book Spine Poetry

 My first attempt at Book Spine Poetry

An Unquiet Mind
Once in a house on fire,
when we were orphans,
the girl with all the gifts,
the sea house.

And my second attempt, you can see the book pile has grown as has my obsession...

The Gap of Time

The hundred year old man
borrowed body.
A second life;
shadow baby.

Hidden lives,
hideous kinky,

The girl with the dragon tattoo,
the child that books built.
Emotionally weird,
troubling love,
nobody's child.

Marianne dreams -
I know why the caged bird sings:
Why be happy when you could be normal.
Dancing on the outskirts,
not the end of the world.

If nobody speaks of remarkable things...
But we all shine on:
the brightness of stars.

Inspired by Poppy Peacock Pens #BookBlogger I have messed up my book shelves and have a huge pile of books on the floor having a go at this meme Book Spine Poetry. 

I think mine could be linked to the PhD novel, Hiraeth about a sixteen year old care leaver weaving her way through the hurricane of life. 

Do let me know if you have a go either in the comments below or via Twitter: @rosie_canning


Lindsay said...

I think you've been having fun !

Poppy Peacock said...

Wow Rosie ... these are two stonking efforts- the first so haunting & the second one almost mythical. If it's any consolation my bookshelves are in complete disarray now too😀

Rosie Canning said...

Thanks Lindsay, Yes lucky we now have the Finchley Lit Fest to keep my mind busy otherwise there wouldn't by any books left on the shelves.

Rosie Canning said...

Glad I'm not the only one Poppy and thanks for the inspiration.