Saturday 11 June 2016

GW/FLF Competition Shortlist

The Finchley Literary Festival & Greenacre Writers Short Story Competition: 

The shortlist is announced!

Congratulations to all those who made it through to our short-list.

If long-listing is a serious business, then short-listing is even more so. We had to select the top third and ensure that the chosen stories fulfilled all the criteria that a good short story should have. We chose stories that were well written; original and, perhaps most of all, memorable. We aimed to pick ten, but in the end we had to pick two extra because - we just had to! Let Joanna, our judge, have the really tricky task of selecting the top three. Good reading, Joanna.

The stories she will be reading - several times - are:

The Sender of Last Chances 
The Sovereign 
Three Words and a Chocolate Bar 
So Many Questions 
A Man of Means by No Means 
The Wondwossi Hotel Bar 
The Lonely Path 
The Prize 
Now I'm a Fish 
Tilly's Account 

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